Sunday, 28 April 2013

Gatekeeper Attacked

Most security work is fraught with danger, and gate keeping is no exception. On 17 April David Tyfield was brutally attacked while on duty at the entrance to the Genuine Poets Society. He had just turned away a rowdy crowd of rappers, street artists and performance poets led by Aryan Kaganof. After being knocked to the ground, Tyfield was severely beaten by his assailant, robbed of his credentials, and left for dead. His attacker, later identified as Andrew Miller, is still at large.
Speaking from his hospital bed, David said he was through with gate keeping. “I’ll probably look for a job as a car guard,” he told the press.

“Remembering Stephen Watson. A legacy at risk” David Tyfield SLIPNET
“Poetry matters (even when you don’t like it)” Andrew MillerDAILY MAVERICK

God Woke Me

Last night God woke me and gave instructions.
But I had been drinking heavily and was somewhat befuddled.
Now I can’t remember a damn thing, which is a pity, because it could have been important.